Profile: Joined + Jointed

A new furniture collective brings together some of the UK's best known furniture designers.

Joined + Jointed SamuelChan_BWThe key inspiration for new furniture collective Joined + Jointed was ‘the simple observation that more and more people are buying furniture online’, says the man behind the launch, furniture designer Samuel Chan (left). ‘I wanted to respond to this by offering not just another collection of keenly-priced furniture, but bringing to the online market a considered series of original designs that people will want to buy because they’ve been beautifully realised,’ he continues.

Including Chan, there are seven members of the collective, all offering products at a competitive price point which share an all-important ‘authentic quality’.

Simon Pengelly, Alex Hellum, Wales & Wales, Sean Yoo, Henrik Sørig and Freshwest are the ‘like-minded’ designers involved in the venture, which so far boasts more than 80 products. Among the highlights is the exquisite Huxley table by Wales & Wales, the refined Willow chairs by Sean Yoo, a monumental bookcase by Simon Pengelly called Concave and a cute chair and table series by Freshwest that appears to take its design cue from links of sausages.

Joined + Jointed_Freshwest-LazySeries_InsideOut‘The Joined + Jointed design collective is made up of designers I’ve known and admired for some time,’ says Chan. ‘Each of us has a distinctive handwriting but there is plenty of common ground. We all aim to come up with designs that stand the test of time; we all care about sound production values and how we work with materials, especially natural materials. It’s no coincidence that most of us have designed pieces that are made predominantly with wood, merging contemporary design with classic craft.’

All the manufacturing is to be done ‘in-house’ at Chan’s workshops in China and Shropshire, an advantage that allows the company to deliver on both the competitive pricing and quality design front. The target customer is anyone looking for original design made to last and who appreciates the ease of ordering online. That includes private customers as well as design professionals sourcing for clients.

Joined + Jointed7728_Wood3_Linus_PalletChan insists his work with Joined + Jointed won’t distract from his ongoing responsibilities at Channels, the furniture company he founded back in 1995 and still runs. ‘Now that we’ve launched Joined + Jointed as an online entity, I have the freedom to emphasise the bespoke aspect of Channels even more,’ he explains. ‘What Joined + Jointed has inherited from Channels is the insistence on enduring design and craft quality, so whether I’m doing one or the other, I see both ventures as being complementary.’

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