Schemer Seven: Wallpaper

Textural transformations: Wallpapers are extremely versatile and clever designers can lift them onto a higher plane. Here, familiar surfaces are simply applied thanks to ingenious designs.

by Rebecca Hoh-Hale

1 Ferm Living marble_160

Ferm Living

Set up by Danish graphic designer Trine Andersen and ever en trend with the latest Scandinavian styles, Ferm Living has produced this large scale marble effect paper. It is printed on WallSmart wallpaper (non-woven fleece) which is easier and faster to hang and comes in this Grey colourway as well as Rose.

2 Clarke and Clarke_160

Clarke & Clarke

Peeling Planks’ photo finish effect provides a quick fix way of achieving an aged, natural wood panelling finish. It is produced by Clarke & Clarke, a family-run wallcoverings designer and distributor, which is based in Lancashire. It comes in four colourways: Birch, Antique, White and Mineral (shown).

3 Tom Haga crop_160

Tom Haga

The Concrete Wall collection is designed by photographer Tom Haga based in Stavanger, Norway. Haga photographed raw and refined concrete walls, raw cinder block walls and even grafitti, in locations right across the country to produce this imagery. Colours can be lightened or darkened on request.

4 O&L crop_160

Osborne & Little

The aptly named BOA is a vinyl coated paper imitation of snakeskin, as part of the Komodo range by UK wallpaper stalwart Osborne & Little. This collection also features other digitally printed contemporary takes on faux animal coats and skin, including panther furs and zebra hides.

5 Pebbles crop_160


Although founded in 1875 Dutch design brand Eijffinger in now a leader in contemporary, of the moment papers. It’s Wallpower Rhythm collection features photographic murals depicting natural textiles such as brick, stone, wood and pebbles (shown). Eijffinger is distributed by Blendworth in the UK.

6 Brooklyn Tins Piet Boon_160

NLXL & Merci

Brooklyn Tins is the result of an on-going collaboration between Dutch wallpaper design company NLXL and Parisian concept store Merci. This photographic image is of the distinctive aged tin ceilings produced in New York between 1830 and 1930. These papers are distributed in the UK by London’s Lifestyle Bazaar.

7 Bowness tiles_160

Deborah Bowness

Working in a small factory in Yorkshire, Deborah Bowness has been printing trompe I’oeil papers with a twist since 2000, first by hand, now much of the range is produced digitally. She has launched the New Cross Tiles collection, a mix and match set of utility style tile imagery.

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