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Liberty has unveiled a new collection of fabrics, paints and wallpapers, inspired by British landscape architect William Nesfield.

Liberty Art Fabrics-Interiors.  The Nesfield Collection shot 1The launch of The Nesfield Collection follows on from the success of the Jubilee range of upholstery fabrics (introduced by Liberty Art Fabrics last year) and includes a capsule wallpaper range – the first to come out of the world-famous design studio in 15 years.

Nesfield worked on garden design in the 19th century, during which time he championed ‘a balance between natural wildlife and symmetrical structure’ (also the perfect combination for prints, handily) but a more anarchical approach to gardening provided further inspiration.

The delicate Rose May print is influenced by the planting of sunflowers each year on the 1st of May by so-called ‘guerrilla gardeners’. It features mostly sunflowers and a rose motif has also snuck in – hence the name. ‘The design studio was lucky enough to meet the head of the British arm of the organisation Richard Reynolds and we were taken to visit some great guerrilla gardening sites,’ explains Emma Mawston, Head of Design at Liberty Art Fabrics. ‘I am a great fan of anything passionate, beautiful and original’, she adds.

Liberty Art Fabrics-Interiors.  The Nesfield Collection shot 8Also on the wildflower theme: Floral Mawston Meadow was developed from a photograph taken of a small flower meadow at Godolphin House in Cornwall. ‘The design takes me back to a wonderful day when we stumbled across it (the meadow) and my husband took the photograph,’ says Mawston. ‘My wish is that it will take others who fall in love with the design back to their memories of other meadows or lead them to search for one.’

Other original designs in the collection include: Fresco, Ray and Field of Xanthe Sunbeams, made up of hand-drawn golden tansys as seen at the Abbey Garden in Tresco.

The rest of of the collection is made up of prints derived form Liberty’s extensive archive. The wallpapers Patricia Ann, Riley and Hebe were designed to co-ordinate with fabrics of the same name and feature more classic Liberty designs. Both the wallpapers and the fabrics can be bought at the Liberty store or online.
A premium paint range produced by Craig & Rose especially for Liberty and featuring 30 different shades completes The Nesfield Collection and is available exclusively through

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