News: Crafts Council’s Brexit poll results

Crafts Council_250September 2016 The Crafts Council has released some early results from its post-Brexit poll ahead of the publication of a Briefing Paper based on the poll’s findings. Two key findings point to concern among the craft community, and makers in particular, about the future of craft if the UK leaves the European Community. (Nearly 70% of the over 1,200 respondents were makers.) Close to 40% of respondents said they felt their businesses would be adversely affected by Brexit, and nearly 55% said a newly independent UK would be weaker, well over double those who felt the UK’s position would be stronger. “As the dust settles post-Brexit we are working closely with government and industry to ensure that Britain remains a brilliant place to be a maker and to work internationally,” said Annie Warburton, Crafts Council creative director. The poll was conducted in July and August and the Briefing Paper, with a full set of the poll’s findings plus expert analysis, will be published this month.

(Image: Sophie Mutevelian)

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