In Good Company: Marc Fish

By Matt Balmer
November 8, 2018

In May 2018, Marc Fish was appointed chairman of the Bespoke Guild Mark eight-person committee at the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers, who recently awarded a Bespoke Guild Mark to Thomas Heatherwick. Fish speaks to Studio about his company’s 10-year anniversary, his love for Porsche cars and developing a new surface material.

 When was the company founded? I have been making for over 20 years, including the school ‘robinson house studio’ of which I am the founder and principal of 10 years.

How many staff? I have three full-time makers.

Where is it based? We are based in Newhaven, which is on the south coast of England, just outside Brighton.

What is your latest significant achievement/project of note? The next project is always the most exciting and we hope the most progressive. We try very hard to be innovative and it is a constant drive to do something completely new.

What is your best-selling product? Nautilus is the most successful, not just in numbers sold but by the amount of exposure it gained us, and the press coverage was amazing.

I’ve just discovered… Not just discovered but finally able to make it work – we have developed a new surface material, using a special resin and wood veneers. We have used it on our Ethereal desk and will be doing a range of pieces in the series.

Who inspires me… Any pioneer, someone who is at the top of their game pushing boundaries – from Wharton Esherick to Thomas Heatherwick

I’ve always been a fan of… Early Porsche automobiles. I love the simplicity, clean lines and the noise they make – exquisite.

My highlight of the last 12 months… Getting our new material working, as I mentioned in the earlier question. Long time coming but worth the wait, very special.

My next design trip is to… The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, looking forward to taking my son. My father and I have always wanted to go and it is great that my son is old enough to enjoy it with us. Three generations on a trip.