Parker & Jules

By Matt Balmer
December 5, 2018

Launching their first collection in Spring 2018, Parker & Jules are relatively new on the fabric scene. Now their collection of linens, cottons and velvets is available from The Fabric Collective.

Nancy Parker (in red), a fashion industry insider, and Juliet O’Carroll (in white), an interior designer fascinated by the history of interiors and the evolution of English style, first met when Nancy asked Juliet for some advice on designing her own home. Passionate about the power of colour and pattern, Parker & Jules decided to collaborate to launch their own collection.

When was the company founded and why?
We founded the company after 18 months in development with 150 prints to form our first full collection of 3 main print stories, 4 colour palettes and a rainbow array of small prints to co-ordinate across the main prints. We went to press in October 2017 and started trading in January 2018.

How many staff?
There are two of us – Parker and Jules – and then we work with freelancers on specific elements of the collection or on epic sampling despatches.

Where is it based?
We are based in the far end of the Cotswolds, near Stroud and in Dalston, East London.

What is your latest significant achievement/project of note?
We were thrilled with the response we received at Decorex (and that we could work a drill!).  In terms of extending our reach and establishing ourselves within the market, we feel that joining The Fabric Collective, under the expert eye of Penny Morrison, and becoming part of that design community in a London showroom with international reach is very significant for us.

We’ve just discovered…
Mrs Delaney, an English Georgian lady who invented the ‘paper mosaic’ and was an extraordinary creative talent who really understood colour and form.  She is just the kind of idiosyncratic figure we love being inspired by – she perfectly expresses how our heritage often contains a modern vibrancy which we don’t associate with traditional design or contemporary reinterpretations.

Who inspires us…
I think there wasn’t a visitor who wasn’t inspired by Frida Kahlo – we felt her journey through life was extraordinary after visiting the V&A. We loved how she created her own identity inspired by her Mexican homeland’s traditional arts and textiles and how her art intimately reflected the personal battles of her tragic accident and troubled marriage.

We’ve always been a fan of…
Chinoiserie and Rococo. The fantasy and the creativity that is at the heart of these rule breaking genres is joyful and always inspiring.

Our highlight of the last 12 months…
Seeing our fabric books beautifully bound and in existence. That – and a wedding to end all weddings in Jamaica. Or was it a party in the Cotswold with all our friends just as the English summer truly began?

Our next design trip is to…
New York, partly to meet interior designers and partly to soak in the design scene. We love the ‘waspy’ element of American interiors and their bold use of colour – we are going to let it soak in and see what percolates!