Colourful geometrics from Susi Bellamy

By Elspeth Pridham
April 16, 2020

Artist Susi Bellamy has launched a new collection of geometric home accessories.

Susi uses photographic images of colourful shapes juxtaposed into unusual arrangements and mirrored for visual effect. The designs hover somewhere between 2D and 3D. Mingling flat vitalistic planes of colour with luxurious silk cotton that shimmers subtly when it catches the light.
The imagery for the designs is taken from a series of photographs and screen prints by Susi Bellamy exploring the use of colour. There are also artworks available for purchase.
Susi works from a studio in Newcastle. However previously she lived and worked in Florence where the inspiration of both Renaissance art, fashion and architecture has informed her work ever since. The intersection between antique and modern, precious and practical are focal points of her collections.
Further highlighting her passion for colour, Susi is also the chairman of the Colour Collective UK. This is a young initiative, established in January 2018 in Newcastle. It as an independent, non-profit organisation to form a forward-thinking group interested in the dissemination of all aspects of colour.