Product: Bi-fold doors

By Matt Balmer
March 31, 2018

by Rebecca Hoh-Hale


German company Schueco recently launched the fully modular, scalable ASE 60/80 platform. Covering sliding and lift-and-slide doors, they comprise 15 opening types, including six single-track options. ASE 60 and 80 doors have a basic frame depth of 60 mm or 80 mm, with a maximum vent size of 3.2 m x 3.5m. Both can accommodate loads of up to 350 kg, offering the possibility of enhanced thermal performance through triple glazing. Rollers in the middle of the vent distribute the weight evenly, minimising friction and ensuring smooth movement. A Design Line option is available on all doors, which includes high spec features such as concealed fittings, for completely flush visible surfaces, and a slimline interlock with a 40 mm sight-line allowing maximum light transmission.


UK-based Apropos has followed a very bespoke approach for over 50 years. For this new-build bungalow on the Isle of Wight, it provided two sets of sliding doors (dimension total 2395 x 4590mm), a set of outward opening bi-folding doors (as shown) comprising a five-leaf set up with a total dimension of 2395 x 4590mm with minimal sight lines, and six skylight windows. All window and door systems were created in thermally broken, Steel Grey polyester powder coated aluminum. Apropos uses a standard of 62mm triple glazed insulated glass units on doors, along with a double gasket seal structurally bonded to frames with insulating foam inserts.


London-based Maxlight offer ultra slim, high performance, thermally broken aluminum sliding doors in double and triple form (which go to a thin 20mm profile) as well centre parting, pocket doors, bay window options and opening corners, as pictured. The opening corner with glazing bars in this particular project is a set of two 2400 x 2700mm double glazed panels, in powder coated aluminum. Recently, Maxlight completed a show home in Acton, west London, with two full-size sets of doors set within a contemporary kitchen diner. All doors are made at the brand’s on-site 12,000 square foot factory. Open Monday to Friday and by appointment on Saturday.

IQ Glass

Architectural glazing company IQ Glass’s HIRT Swiss Descending Window system allows you to sink a building’s entire elevations at the push of a button. The descending front is made with a steel and aluminum frame. When open, the façade’s top section creates a fully flat threshold. This can be finished in a huge range of materials, for a seamless base. In the image above, the same porous stone plank tiles have been applied to the top in order to be in sync with the floor. It can also be used in a corner room, so a large three-sided descending front would allows the sides to disappear. IQ Glass’s showroom in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, is the UK’s largest residential architectural glazing showroom, offering many real examples in a large purpose-built environment.

The Caulfield Company

The Caulfield Company merges architectural solutions from commercial buildings and high-tech residential crossovers. Its new Solarlux Cero door systems can be built up to six metres high in a single piece of glass, with minimal framing and just 34mm-thick vertical mullions. Up to four metres wide and made to order, they can be managed via remote control. Matching fixed glass panels can be up to 15 metres square. Cero glass systems are available either double or triple glazed, with the latter taking it up to Passivhaus standards. Featuring noise canceling technology, they are also certified up to the anti-burglar standard RC2, and can be fully integrated into a master security system.


Sky-Frame has a number of modular options that can be combined and custom configured. If needed, it also provides experienced partners, builders, and developers who can advise on a range of issues. The Pivot (above) has an asymmetrically positioned axis, so the glass-panelled door swings open with a gentle push. The system can be opened with keys, badges, or fingerprints, and the mechatronic multipoint locking system guarantees maximum security. All doors are available with various features, including Sky-Frame Guard – an integrated alarm sensor monitor in the doors and laminated safety glass – and Sky-Frame Pocket means door elements slide into the wall.