Product News: wine storage

By Matt Balmer
June 3, 2018

by Elinor Stephens


With over 40 years of experience, Eurocave’s wine storage units are developed with, and approved by, sommelier partners. The brand recently launched the Inspiration Collection – a high-tech built-in or flush-fitted wine cabinet. Moving away from the traditional cellar, it is specifically engineered to sit within the kitchen at home and can hold a maximum of 17 bottles. The latest offering provides a long lasting, high-quality solution ideal for both keeping wines at a constant temperature perfect for serving and allowing them to mature under optimal conditions found in a natural cellar. Available as built-in or integrated models, it is designed to fit into any kitchen space and can be converted into a wine serving cabinet dedicated to white or reds. The Inspiration range of wine cabinets can be adjusted in height by up to 70 mm through four adjustable feet, and includes a toughened UV-protected glass door. Eurocave’s trademark is the fitted ‘la main du sommelier’, which protects wine bottles from any exterior vibrations which could affect the quality of the wine.


German manufacturer Miele has added a new built-in wine conditioning unit to its collection. Suitable for 88cm and 178cm cabinetry, it benefits from a FlexiFrame system allowing users to adjust the beech wood racks to suit different types and sizes of bottles. Available in two styles and sizes, it features a Sommelier Set exclusive to Miele which includes a glass holder and two decanting racks. These make it possible to leave decanted wine in the conditioner and ready for serving in glasses chilled to an ideal temperature. Wines are stored at a stable climate, with both units benefitting from two independent temperature zones. One-degree accuracy ensures all types of bottles can be kept at the same time in their optimum conditions. Both sizes feature tinted glass, to prevent damage caused by UV rays, and the Active AirClean function which uses active charcoal filters to protect wines from odours.


Gaggenau presents the award-wining Vario cooling 400 series, which blends into a cooling wall concept and integrates well into the overall kitchen structure. With aesthetics in mind and a seamless design, the wine climate cabinet offers a choice of handleless push-to-open functions, individual furniture fronts, and stainless steel or glass doors. The interior is made entirely from stainless steel interior with anodized aluminum details in dark anthracite. Gaggenau’s 45.7cm-wide x 213.4cm-tall wine climate built-in 400 series cabinet offers up to three independent climate zones, each controlled with the intuitive TFT touch display. Clear glass shelving and warm white LEDs are designed to showcase a prized wine collection, while the low-vibration motor and activated charcoal filter minimise vibrations and odours that could harm your collection.

Fisher & Paykel

Award-winning appliance brand Fisher & Paykel offers a 144-wine bottle cabinet. With its brushed stainless steel and glass doors it complements any kitchen space. To ensure each bottle of white and red is kept at the optimum temperature, a fan helps circulate air inside the cabinet to maintain its climate. The control panel is fully adjustable and maintains the appliance’s dual temperature zones at a level between 5°C to 20°C. Bottles are nestled on a stylish set of oak slide shelves with a top shelf that tilts so you can showcase a wide collection of wines. Measuring 185.5cm x 59.5cm, the shelves also include a low vibration compressor to ensure optimal storage and a UV-tempered glass door to reduce the risk of external light affecting the wine.


Liebherr’s Vinothek series wine cabinet provides similar conditions to cellars, due to its constant interior temperature – ideal for long-term storage and maturing of wines. Vinothek’s multi-temperature cabinets feature a sophisticated climate control system that generates optimum conditions for reds and whites. Its constant storage temperatures are well insulated with tinted glass that provides UV protection. In addition, the glass has a demist function and features LED lighting to perfectly showcase a prized collection of wines. The slim-line black handle highlights the subtle design features, but the glass door appliance also has interior lighting with a flush finish, which is integrated in to the ceiling with a separate on off function. Handcrafted shelves are made from untreated wood to safely store up to 200 bottles.

Spiral Cellars – Soho Cabinets

The new Soho freestanding climate control wine cabinet combines exceptional craftsmanship, design, and precision engineering. Designed to store wine in cellaring temperatures rather than serving conditions, the climate control display cabinet is more flexible than a wine room or cellar. At 2200mm tall, it comes in three width options –900mm, 1200mm, and 1800mm – and stores 56 to 136 bottles. You can also choose from a selection of body finishes, including metal trim and back panel options, and two display set-ups: shelves or pegs to accommodate all standard-size wine bottles. As well as LED lighting, the Soho features an optional back-lit faux onyx panel with independently controlled dimmable lighting to beautifully showcase your wines.


Caple has launched its fifth generation of wine cabinets. The leading appliance specialist’s refreshed ranges of appliances offer a new collection of under-counter, in-column, and free-standing models. New features include an adjustable plinth on a range of under-counter options to make them more versatile and easily compatible with a range of kitchen styles. As shown, the triple-zone wine cabinet includes upper, middle, and lower zones, with five sliding shelves and one base shelf per zone, and a toughened UV-protected glass door. The one-zone wine cabinet includes dual-stacked shelves to give plenty of room for storing up to 89 bottles. Its dual side-by-side temperature zones are independently controlled and suitable for both reds and whites.