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By Matt Balmer
May 1, 2018

Perfection of Simplicity: SieMatic presents a new purist design concept for the kitchen in Milan

The first kitchen carrying the SieMatic brand label was regarded as revolutionary: Presented in 1960, it was the first handle-free kitchen the shape international kitchen design. Today, the minimalist aesthetic of the handle-free kitchen has become a central element of purist interior design style. Over the decades, SieMatic has reinterpreted the concept and kept it up to date and has now completely re-thought it all over again. The result is a concept that underscores the East Westphalian company’s decades-long leadership in international kitchen design. The new, timelessly elegant design, materials and functionality perfect the SieMatic PURE style collection and enrich its emotional qualities. Presented at Eurocucina 2018 at the flagship Milan showroom SieMatic Monte Santo.

Completely re-thought: Grip, transparency, materials and light

The central design detail is the completely redeveloped SieMatic recess channel, which turns the grip into a special tactile experience. The effect of individually controlled LED lighting discreetly integrated into the shadows of horizontal and vertical recess channels is unique – furniture evokes a jewelry showcase.

Characteristic of the new SieMatic kitchen concept in the PURE style collection are generously sized, tinted glass surfaces used in conjunction with sophisticated lighting integrated into cabinetry as a design element. This interplay creates the impression of elegant transparency and comfortable lightness.

Two plans, many options

The new purist concept will be shown in two completely different, livable design plan variations. One elegantly stages the contrast of transparent tall glass cabinets with veneered, closed elements. The unifying design detail is the metal of recessed grip channels and surrounding glass doors. A highly effective and surprising accent with lighting that can be changed for mood: Bronze-tinted glass doors of tall cabinets reveal the fine materials of the interior when the backlight is switched on, showing a combination of high-quality, real-wood veneer with aluminum, glass and mirrored surfaces. The materials are visually split up, creating playful shifting layers and a multidimensional impression. The difference is like day to night.

The asymmetrical composition of elements creates suspense in the minimalist kitchen design that focuses on the island as a dominant feature. The mirrors of the toe kick give it a light appearance despite its volume. A band of light within the encircling recessed channel made of shimmering golden bronze aluminum makes the delicate yet spacious veined ceramic countertop seem to float.

The second design example displays a graphically rigorous composition of elements in sterling grey matte lacquer with SieMatic AntiPrint coating, coarsely textured ceramic, and black matte brushed aluminum – visually united in a wall of illuminated glass tall cabinet showcases. When the light is on behind the grey-tinted glass of the cabinets, the back wall is a work of art, with a new unique wood veneer with a finely worked herringbone structure, inspired by classically laid parquet but with a new minimalist interpretation. Individually arranged veneer boxes with drawers and pull-outs as well as glass shelves hung on the rear wall present kitchen objects and utensils. Turning the interior of the cabinet into a stage.

At the center is a large, monolithic island whose dominant character is softened by a number of details. Illuminated display cabinets with black matte, brushed metal frames give the island a pleasant transparency. A glossy, sterling grey interior finish harmoniously matches the cooking area. Functional elements on the island and in the niche continue stark lines. However, the severity of the design language and materials is consciously interrupted with a warm accent: a bar counter with an elliptical curve and light wood surface set on the delicate ceramic countertop.

The SieMatic style collections: Lifestyle more than kitchen

Each of the SieMatic style collections presents a distinct, coherent, contemporary life philosophy not only expressed in furniture design and color and material choice, but in holistic spatial design concepts that reflect the personality and individual lifestyle of their homeowners. The wide offering makes the brand appealing to a vast range of clientele and price points. The Pure Collection showcases the minimalistic handle-less ranges for those seeking a neat and liner environment. With more of an industrial edge, The Urban Collection is inspired by the creative people who live in cities, and it is a juxtaposition of contrasting design elements and materials. Finally, The Classic Collection is a more traditional approach that combines the old with the new. The patented and award winning ‘Multimatic’ accessory system showcases the intelligent and practical German engineering, while still being beautifully luxurious. As founders of the handle-less kitchen, the brand SieMatic is recognised throughout the world; in short known for supplying kitchens with added value since 1929.

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More info on the lifestyle groups:

PURE: The aesthetic of omissionTranquility, harmony, and streamlining to the essentials distinguishes the SieMatic style collection PURE, characterized by room designs in which kitchen functions are perfectly and discreetly integrated into the architecture. The elegant, minimalist style of furniture elements emphasizes the lasting quality of the chosen materials and their precise workmanship down to the smallest detail – whether noble wood, precious stone, shimmering metal, high-quality laminate, exclusive lacquer or SieMatic SimiLaque. SieMatic AntiPrint coating reduces fingerprints on velvet-matte surfaces.

URBAN: Design without dictates, planning without limitsThe intuitive juxtaposition of carefully selected, seemingly discordant objects speaks to the desires of a mobile, social generation: “Do it yourself – do it together.” Flexible, “solitaire” design plays as important a role in the SieMatic style collection URBAN as a mixture of open and closed furniture. Accessories such as the herb garden set “green” accents and bring nature into city apartments. SieMatic 29 is a signature piece of the urban collection: a reinterpretation of the classic sideboard, it has already won a number of international design awards for its functional as well as emotional qualities.

CLASSIC: The art of combining tradition with modernityThe room design concepts for the SieMatic style collection CLASSIC offer options that go far beyond traditional kitchen design. They allow you to play with styles and combine the characteristic classical love of detail with modern clarity. The creative mix of materials decisively influenced by the U.S. designer Mick De Giulio creates brilliant accents of glass and metal for designing highly individual, modern compositions of the classic kitchen.