Studio Seven: Decorative basins

By Matt Balmer
January 9, 2019

We’ve chosen seven new decorative basin collections to add a statement to your project

January 2019

The new Dutchmaster collection by Kohler features botanical patterns and moody tones. Available in Blush Floral and Midnight Floral, the decorative basins come in rectangle and circular shapes. Inspired by 16th-century Turkish design, they feature striking tulip and chrysanthemums details.

Alape / C.P Hart
These bowls by German manufacturer Alape presents its new basin collections – Terra and Aqua. The new range reshapes and add a new sense of depth to the basin design. Terra takes inspiration from earthy and dusky shades using matt pigment. Choose from a range of cool or warm hues, from nordic blue to oyster pink. Available from C.P Hart.

The London Basin Company
The Clarabelle multi-coloured basin by the London Basin Company is embellished with Chinese design motifs featuring floral detail and gold accents. Measuring 42cm x 16.2cm, the softly hued print is inspired by various countries all over the world. Made from the finest porcelain, they’re hand finished using various techniques. ‘Under and over the glaze’ techniques are used to apply the pattern on to the basin.

The Crystal Rock basin from Indigenous is made from rare and formed semi-precious stone discovered thousands of years ago. The rare block – sourced from Africa – has been delicately carved to form the basin. The brand uses a variety of natural products, from marble, limestone, slate and terracotta to create distinct designs.

West One Bathrooms
The Nahbi basin collection is a highly flexible system composed of a bowl along with the option tray or wooden countertop. The modern circular bowl is available in two sizes and measures 13.8cm x 41.5cm in a variety of different coloured marbles, including green and charcoal grey. Available from WestOne Bathrooms, choose from small or large styles.

The Bette Loft ornament collection features a glazed steel basin with geometric embossed exterior. Durable and easy to clean, it’s available with one or four rows of geometric shapes. The shown four row version measures 81 x 51 x 10cm.

Lundhs Real Stone
Lundhs Real Stone presents the new Lundhs Antique basin, made entirely from real stone. It is crafted from anorthosite, which evolved 100 million years ago by nature on the west coast of Norway.