Studio Seven: New Designers, One Year In selection

By Matt Balmer
June 27, 2018

June 2018

Alexander Hay is a product and furniture designer currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and enrolled on a Designer In Residence Scheme at Northumbria University. He predominantly works in wood; the elegant oak R20 table lamp explores his love of steam bending.

The rounded, soft edged How lounge chair is by Felix Smith, an alumni of Northumbria University who embraces traditional woodworking craftsmanship. How has an upholstered ash frame with a set up of components that slot and combine together in a pleasing way.

Manchester School of Art graduate Joanna Hejmej specialises in ceramics, which she combines with tessellating geometrics, moulds created with 3D software, and glass elements to produce clusters of lights – including Tess, pictured. Each piece is individually slip cast and hand finished.

London-based Japanese designer Kuniko Maeda works mainly with paper and sustainable textiles to create installations for public and private spaces, including this insect-like light shade. She uses traditional Japanese methods and digital technology to explore the potential of the materials.

Originally from South Wales, poppy print and pattern textile designer Lucy Sheldrake studied at Leeds Arts University. She is inspired by hand-drawn shapes and a collage composition and uses a natural dyed palette alongside brighter digital tones.

In Black American Walnut and Olive Ash, the crisp lines and curves of Meala have been hand-carved by Jan Lennon to create the versatile dressing table. With its central piston fit drawer and raised lids for storage, it can also be used as a desk.

Jan Waterston uses sustainable timber to create his limited edition sculptural pieces. The Velo rocking stool is inspired and informed by bicycle forms. The cantilevered rocking design takes advantage of the timber’s flexible properties, providing a playful user experience.