Studio Seven: stoves and radiators

By Matt Balmer
August 30, 2018

Vogue UK
Bringing wide choice in colour and sizing options, Vogue’s Mode Bespoke is a customisable concept supplied in white, which can be lacquered in one of Vogue’s 35 colours. Available in standard and non-standard sizes, it comes in two, three, four, five, and six-column setups. The Mode Bespoke ranges in height from 300mm up to 2000mm excluding feet, with a standard height of up to 1800mm, and can be wall or floor-mounted. It is also possible to customise the adjustable or welded feet, base plate cover, and wall or standing brackets.

With a black glass front detailing and gloss-black ceramic top panel, ACR’s Novus Multifuel Stove also features airwash, which sweeps the large glass door clean of deposits. Its multifuel capability delivers a 5kW output and means it can burn wood and smokeless fuels, so can be used in smoke control areas. The Novus is SIA Ecodesign Ready-approved, meaning it also meets the new Ecodesign criteria becoming mandatory in 2022.

Bisque has launched its new rose copper finish. The colour is produced by mixing organic copper with Bisque’s paint, which is then individually applied to each radiator. The end result is an authentic, high-shine finish, which can be lacquered for a gloss finish or left as is for a rustic, matt feel. It is exclusively shown at the brand’s London showroom in the Business Design Centre, Islington.

Eurostove’s Hergom ECK wood burner has an L-shaped window designed as a solution for tricky corners or statement spaces. One-piece seamless styling and a lift-up door create an ultra-modern design with easy access. It comes with an integral jacket for convection and is available as a left or right-hand corner design. It also has an energy rating of A, with an efficiency of 75%.

France’s premier fireplace company marks its 50th anniversary with a new design named Boafocus. Its sculptural shape, is based on a scene from The Little Prince, one of founder Dominique Imbert’s favourite childhood stories. Gas-tight, the stove can be mounted centrally or on the wall. Compatible with the RT2012, its functions, including ignition, and programming can be regulated by remote control. The burner can operate on natural gas or propane and comes in a matte black or grey finish.

The Radiator Company
Combining ambient lighting and heating functions, Tratto by The Radiator Company has illuminating side panels featuring LEDs but is available without. Both versions come in 1200 x 450mm and 1600 x 450mm sizes and are available in white RAL as standard or a range of 188 RAL colours and 32 special finishes. As well as a central towel rail, Tratto also has a shelf at the top to store towels and flannels.

Created with hotel bathrooms in mind, where space often comes at a premium, Vasco’s Niva has hidden shelving behind the main panel for towels, flannels, and robes. It is 1820mm-high x 420mm-wide and stands 325mm away from the wall. With the front panel available in 55 shades, it can add colour to the bathroom too, while the shelves are available in black or white.