Transforming plastic bottles into rugs

By Matt Balmer
April 2, 2020

Jennifer Manners has developed a sustainable collection of hand-made rugs crafted entirely from recycled plastic water bottles. This collection is the first of its kind to be introduced to the luxury design market.

With climate change featuring prominently in headlines across the globe, finding new sustainable materials is an urgent matter. Plastic is now the single largest contributor to landfills and discarded waste in oceans globally. This new eco-conscious rug collection, /re/PURPOSE, is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles but maintains the strong sense of design and modern colour palette synonymous with the brand.

A single rug uses over 5000 recycled BPA-free plastic bottles that would otherwise find their way into the ocean or landfill. The discarded polythene components are processed using heat and water (which itself is then recycled, too) to create a surprisingly soft and robust yarn. Manners says its fine, matt appearance is almost indistinguishable from wool. However, the inherent qualities of the recycled plastic fibre offer even greater durability, resisting accidental spills and fading as well as being bleach cleanable.

Each densely woven piece is designed with longevity in mind, promoting a focus on buying less and buying well.

Handmade by artisans in India with the same care and ethical standards as all of the brand’s other products, the collection is currently available in five designs with customisable options available for colour, size and pattern. Full bespoke options are also available and the team are currently working with many designers to bring their own designs to life.

The award-winning, hand-knotted rugs offer a sustainable approach to floor coverings and are repurposing plastic in an effort to protect our planet.