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In September 2018 the British Standards Institute will be introducing new compulsory clauses around sustainability, environmental accountability and process improvement. Amtico is the first UK company to have successfully met these new standards and has been awarded with the new ISO 14001:2015. Amtico’s HSE manager Jayne Woodhouse explains the steps the company took to fulfil these demanding criteria.

December 2017

“At Amtico, our ethos is to combine creativity and innovation with the highest level of quality in design, manufacturing, product, and service. Our products and processes already meet a variety of global accredications, including BREEAM, UPEC and Floor Score. Now our commitment to leading standards and dedication to raising environmental awareness in the industry have paid off once more, as we have just been named as the first UK flooring manufacturer to achieve the new ISO 14001:2015 standard. First published in 1992, then under the name BS 7750, it’s the world’s first international environmental standard. It already helped thousands of organisations improve their environmental, sustainability, and operational performance.

“Working closely with Coventry City Council, we built on our already stringent sustainability, environmental accountability, and process improvement policies to achieve the new 14001 standard. A key condition was the identification of internal and external issues that related to both us and all relevant third parties, as well as having processes and plans in place to meet any requirements. We also needed to consider the impact of our procurement of goods and services, including the design and production process and the delivery of goods and service. This also included thinking about end-of-life treatment for our products.

“Understanding these issues and their impact on Amtico allowed us to create a strategy that drove us to satisfy and meet applicable requirements throughout the company. An ongoing commitment to championing the implementation and maintenance of environmental policy is a key part of our organisation’s culture. It runs from the leadership team down through the entire organisation and is supported by our dedicated environmental health and safety manager.

“We take sustainability seriously and already create products with a low environmental impact alongside working on improving energy efficiency and water usage. Recycled materials play a big role – they are used in our products and in our packaging, 60% of which is already made from recycled material. Nearly 100% of all production and post-production material is also granulated and recycled back into Amtico products.

“We made improvements including investing in lighting upgrades, employing a new waste contractor so waste is not sent to a landfill, and investing in a new boiler to increase steam production and reduce gas consumption. Together these allowed us to achieve the new 14001 standard nearly a year before its September 2018 compliance date.”

Image courtesy of Amtico

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