Lunar landing

By Simon Laws
October 24, 2019

Simon Laws, co-founder of Timothy Oulton Studio, introduces us to the company’s Apollo capsule – a symbol of our journey through time and space in search of inspiration.

Mother moon has drawn us for millennia, pulling the tides of our oceans and the waters of our bodies.

Exactly 50 years ago, NASA’s Apollo, god of the sun, put Neil Armstrong’s famous footprint on the moon’s dusty surface and we saw our blue planet against the vastness of space for the very first time.

Countless artists were inspired. Pink Floyd released The Dark Side of Moon in 1973, but it wasn’t until 2018 that China’s Chang’e 4 probe, named after the lunar goddess herself, landed on the quietest place we’ve been so far and opened a whole new possibility of listening to our universe.

The first moon landing represents an iconic moment in history where man achieved the seemingly impossible. It will forever be remembered
by millions of people worldwide who watched it on their grainy black and white TV sets.

Despite a half century of innovation, the far side of the moon had remained beyond reach – it was always out of radio communication with the Earth.

China’s incredible technological advancement has recently landed a probe in a place where it will be possible to listen to deep space without interference from our ever-increasing technological noise.

Who knows what we will discover?

Our Apollo represents the journeys we all take in search of inspiration.

The capsule was conceived as a showcase of our diverse manufacturing capabilities and was built entirely in house by our teams of skilled craftsmen.

Modelled on the original Apollo 11, the polished stainless-steel shell is the same scale as the original. The luxurious interior, customised exclusively for various projects around the world, is a combination of richly grained, hand-tufted leather and silk upholstery curved beneath a canopy of K9 crystal lighting.

An illuminated Alabaster table is the conversational heart of the module. Apollo was first showcased at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2018 but has now landed at the Timothy Oulton gallery on King’s Road.

Timothy Oulton Studio delivers bespoke projects, with a focus on the hospitality sector, by utilising manufacturing workshops and suppliers in southern China plus 20 years of experience in global logistics.

We offer a combination of services which also include an international furniture design team and experts in the sourcing of rare collectables and antiques.

Formed in 2015, the studio has already completed a diverse range of end to end projects worldwide, including 1880 Members’ Club in Singapore, Gough’s on Gough restaurant in Hong Kong, Glazebrook House hotel in Devon, England, and the Lychee Garden in Guangdong Province, south China.