Working towards a smarter home

By Elspeth Pridham
November 7, 2019

Imogen Dent, industry relations coordinator at CEDIA, outlines the benefits the trade association can offer for interior designers.

What is CEDIA?

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) represents over 3,700 member companies who design, manufacture and install technology for the connected home. It serves as the go-to home technology source for consumers and professionals alike, providing access to education, certification and research.

What does an installer have to do to qualify as a member?

To become a member, technology integrators must provide a reference and have general liability or similar insurance as well as abide by the CEDIA Code of Ethics, giving homeowners peace of mind. We also offer a wealth of training and Certifications — CEDIA Certified Professionals are required to maintain their certification status through continuing education. The CEDIA requirement to earn ongoing continuing education units demonstrates that the certified professional is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards.

How can interior designers work with CEDIA members?

No longer the preserve of the super wealthy, smart home devices are now within easy reach of every homeowner and they’re finding their way into every room in the house. This trend will only increase and offer the opportunity for interior designers to meet the rising consumer demand.

When integrating technology into the home, the first step should be to build a relationship with a CEDIA member from the very beginning. This will provide a clear idea of how rooms will work once furnished, so TVs and speakers can be positioned in the optimum locations and all power points and cables can be terminated, so as not to be seen when the equipment is finally installed.

As experts in their field, CEDIA members offer professional advice and guidance in the design of a personalised systems for the connected home. They provide information on the latest technology-and how to use it, as it becomes available, so working with a CEDIA member is the best insurance you have that the final system will meet yours and your client’s expectations.

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CEDIA also offers CPD courses, accredited with RIBA and the BIID, that aim to help designers increase their knowledge of smart home systems. Through the CEDIA Outreach Instructor programme, CEDIA members deliver home technology education on a regional basis.

As well as this, CEDIA is partnering with a number of its members to provide dedicated educational events for design and build professionals. These free-to-attend events will include an accredited CPD course, a tour of state-of-the-art experience centres, and the chance to network with industry professionals.

Where can interior designers find a CEDIA member?

CEDIA offers a free online Finder Service on its website which allows interior designers to locate their nearest technology integrator. Users can search CEDIA member companies by postcode, services, and certification.