Advertorial case study: Discreetly desirable

By Matt Balmer
March 30, 2018

A new home in the heart of London’s Chelsea features Crestron’s future-proof technology designed to serve a growing family.

by Jo Weaden

A discreet automation and entertainment system complements the grand interior of this sprawling London property. Located in the heart of the Boltons Conservation Area in Chelsea, the seven-floor villa features a complete smart home solution from Crestron. The security, lighting, blinds, audio visual, climate, fire places, and even the pool cover are controlled at the touch of a button.

Buckinghamshire-based integrators The Next Level chose a comprehensive Crestron solution. “The brief from our client was simple: they wanted to create the finest private house in London, equipped with a smart home system to match,” says Sam Brunsden, director of The Next Level. “Due to the level of the integration and that each aspect of the control system was to be completely bespoke in its design, even down to the graphical user interface, we knew Crestron was the right solution.”

The property’s interior required technology to enrich and blend into the elegant surroundings. The Next Level’s in-house technicians and designers, Brunsden says, “were able to work alongside the interior designer, concealing technology within their exquisite interiors and ensuring that the finished result had the wow factor the client was looking for.”

The villa features a dedicated home theatre room. The multi-room audio equipment, delivering high-output audiophile sound quality with reduced cabling and low power consumption, ensures access to entertainment throughout. “When it came to develop the scheme for the home theatre, the design team came to us to be the lead in its conception,” Brunsden says. “Designing the room shape, the layout of the seating, the room acoustics, and even the lighting all had to be considered when creating an exceptional cinematic experience.”

Security was a necessity, and since the owner is away from the property regularly it needed to be remotely accessible. The system can be monitored and secured from a phone or tablet from around the world, including checking doors and windows are closed or open, how long they’ve been open for, and tracking which areas of the security systems are enabled.

The system blends seamlessly with the interior, due to various design decisions made by the integrators. The Next Level used discreet wall-mounted Crestron keypads to directly control the lighting, avoiding the need for unnecessary wall clutter from an abundance of switches. Crestron touch screens allow the clients to have full control of the property’s smart home technology through a single device.

“A Smart Home system is always tailored to the individual’s day-to-day needs. When our client purchased the property, they wanted to adapt its functionality so personal presets could be programmed throughout the house”, Brunsden remarks. Through the Crestron technology, easy and seamless modifications can be made to the system at any time and as the family grows, elements can easily be altered to adapt with the clients and their needs.

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