Moooi unearths ‘lost recordings’

By Elspeth Pridham
February 27, 2020

Dutch brand Moooi is releasing a series of short films called Lost Recordings.

The series revolves around your senses, with each film relying on the profound use of sound, light and texture. The first film is already live, with the series unfolding across Moooi’s platforms in the coming months. For Lost Recordings, the brand collaborated with Berlin-based directing duo The Apiary and says the project will keep Moooi moving in a contemporary direction, beyond the definition of design.

In Lost Recordings, you are invited to eavesdrop on intimate messages left for someone else as The Apiary’s camera travels through dreamlike worlds created from Moooi pieces, led by far-away voices of people from the past. The films explore tactility, memory and senses.

Created by designer Marcel Wanders, who is involved in the brand as owner, art director and product designer, Moooi was intended to give designers from around the world a platform to share their work.

Recently, Wanders was a guest on The Kitchen and Bathroom Design Podcast, where he was interviewed by Studio’s editor Elspeth Pridham – who, among other things, asked him what he thought about being called “the Lady Gaga of design”.

The podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and most major podcasting platforms.