News: eporta and WGSN reveal what’s trending in interior design

By Stefanie Gerdes
May 30, 2019

May 2019: Interiors project management and sourcing tool eporta and world trend authority WGSN, have released their annual trend report.

For its fourth consecutive year, the report compiles research from trade shows, industry news and the eporta platform.

It highlights four categories, with each one represented by and split up into a number of subcategories.

The bilingual section, for example, consists of trends titled as breaking down borders, sugared Scandi and fluent transition.

Rainbow kaleidoscope, child’s play and recharged wellness make up the Energy Reboot category, while the History Lesson category includes rutal force, handmade tales and retro brights.

The set is completed with the elements category, which incorporates fire, air, water and earth and designated trends or styles.