News: Förstberg Ling creates Swedish Design Pavilion at LDF

By Matt Balmer
August 1, 2019

August 2019

Förstberg Ling has been appointed as the architect for the 2019  Swedish Design Pavilion at London Design Fair. It is the annual showcase for Swedish designers, studios and companies during London Design Festival (LDF) and returns to the fair for its fourth year.

The 2019 Swedish Pavilion is a temple-like structure made from pine. The large pillars and beams form an arcade of twelve rooms, all of equal size, around a central atrium. With the square pillars set diagonally, perspectives and routes emerge, inviting visitors to find their own path. It stands firmly on the floor which minimises the thresholds to enter and enables people to easily pass in and out of the pavilion.

To ensure it can be reused – a key requirement for the design – the entire structure is modular, with pre-assembled flat-pack panels. It can be assembled, dismantled and erected again as a temporary monument whenever it may be needed.

Förstberg Ling is an office for architecture and design established in 2015 and based in Malmö, Sweden. From buildings to interiors and furniture, the studio focuses on detailing and materiality. You can admire the installation at this year’s London Design Fair.

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