News: RIBA reacts to Theresa May’s resignation: “no deal is no option for architecture”

By Stefanie Gerdes
May 30, 2019

May 2019: RIBA has responded to the news of Theresa May’s resignation, saying a no deal Brexit is not an option for the industry.

“The news that Theresa May will step down as Prime Minister leaves the country in limbo while the clock ticks down to the latest Brexit deadline of 31 October,” RIBA President Ben Derbyshire says.

“While much is uncertain, one thing remains clear – a no deal is no option for architecture or the wider construction sector. Whoever becomes the next Prime Minister must focus on taking the country forward with policies beyond Brexit that tackle the major challenges facing the country such as the housing crisis and climate change emergency.”

On 24 May, the current Prime Minister announced she will step down on 7 June – the week of Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK – after holding the post for three years.

In her speech outside 10 Downing Street, she listed her government’s achievements, including increasing funding for mental health services and tackling the state deficit through a much-criticised policy of austerity.

But she also admitted “it is and will always remain a matter of deep regret to me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit”.

So far, 11 candidates have put themselves forward to become the next Prime Minister.

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has confirmed he is running, as have former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt, Rory Stewart, Michael Gove, Matt Hancock, Sajid Javid, Kit Malthouse, and James Cleverly.

The field of candidates is completed by two women – Andrea Leadsom, who resigned as Leader of the Commons the day before May stepped down, and Esther McVey.

The Conservative leadership contest to find May’s successor will start on 10 June and is expected to last for around six weeks.