Plinth 2020 competition winner announced

By Elspeth Pridham
March 5, 2020

A contemporary interpretation of the long-lost Rose Window at St Paul’s Cathedral has been announced as the winning design for the third edition of the ‘St Paul’s Plinth’ competition, organised by the London Festival of Architecture and Cheapside Business Alliance.

Designed by Nick Tyrer and Umut Baykan, Rose makes use of the existing frame structure outside St Paul’s tube station as a platform for a new intervention that will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people in the City when installed as part of the 2020 Festival.

As the London Festival of Architecture celebrates its theme of ‘Power’ for 2020, Rose offers a joyful and uplifting reminder to passers-by of their place in London’s shifting and powerful history, drawing upon the Old St Paul’s Cathedral – destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666 – and bringing one of its most beautiful elements back to life through a contemporary interpretation.