What is an interior designer worth, BIID asks

By Elinor Stephens
November 13, 2019

The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) held its annual conference Inside Knowledge 2019: What is an Interior Designer Worth? on 7 November.

This year the conference focussed on the topic of fees – exploring a designers ‘worth’.

The event attracted a large audience of interior designers, students, media and industry professionals with a packed programme of inspirational talks throughout the day.

Lisa McCrudden from Houzz presented the platform’s 2019 Interior Design Fees Research, sharing some key insights from this in-depth survey for the first time.

It gave the audience the opportunity to discover how interior designers are charging for their services, the difference in fee structures, supplying of FF&E and how creatives charge for sourcing. One of the questions in the research was ‘do you inform clients what you paid for goods?’.

Of the 250 respondents, 68% said no and 32%, yes, illustrating that there is no standard practice amongst interior designers.

A panel, titled The Big Fee Discussion, was hosted by Charles Leon looked at whether there is a ‘right’ way to price your design services.

Leon was joined by BIID members Susie Rumbold, Brian Woulfe and Kia Stanford, who shared their thoughts on fee transparency and how they build and calculate their design fees, providing top tips for the attendees.