Introducing Deirdre Dyson’s Paper & Stone collection

By Elspeth Pridham
January 19, 2021

Lady Deirdre Dyson’s rug collection for 2021 is inspired by two everyday materials: paper and stone.

In a deviation from the past, where themes have typically centred round the natural world, Paper & Stone focuses on the beauty of simplicity at a time when life feels rather more complicated.

Having briefly explored paper in the past, Deirdre rediscovered interesting ways to manipulate the material, with an emphasis on form, texture, light and shade, using a subdued colour palette.  The seven Paper carpets include Fold Out, reminiscent of childhood with a playful paper-chain design and Unfolded, which skilfully incorporates only seven shades, yet manages to create a three dimensional effect.  Note Paper and Offcuts are both depicted on a craft cutting mat background, while Love Letter is an unwanted note with symbols for hugs and kisses.  In addition, there are also three intricate Stone themed wall hangings, such as Blue Stone’ which is woven entirely in silk with wool ‘grouting’.

Deirdre says, “I have often used overlapping or crumpled paper in my paintings. It’s fascinating to me how a two-dimensional surface can be transformed into three dimensions just by using the same colour in many different tones. For this collection, I set myself a challenge, not only to find seven ideas on the subject of paper that demonstrate its different uses, but also to create a three-dimensional image using wool and silk instead of paint.”

Through Deirdre’s work as a fine artist, she creates striking colour palettes and compositions – whether that’s through an interplay of wool and silk to achieve a three-dimensional stair-like effect as in the ‘Concertina’ carpet (pictured) or the ‘Dry Stone’ wall hanging, which features 13 natural stone hues.

Deirdre adds, “I have become interested in hanging carpets on the wall and this collection includes panels, which can also be adapted for the floor. They represent the stones used in walls and floors and highlight the amazing decorative skills of those who work with the material.”

Each Deirdre Dyson carpet is bespoke and can be made to order in any shape or size, fitted or free-standing.  They are also Goodweave-certified which means that no child or bonded labour in used in their making. The rugs are hand woven by Nepalese craftspeople observing social distancing and using high quality Tibetan wool and pure silk. They can also be produced here in the UK, using a less expensive gun-tufted method, which is often favoured for commercial spaces.

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