Meet Dodds & Shute, the climate positive procurement specialists

By Elspeth Pridham
July 9, 2020

Stefan Dodds and Nick Shute, of procurement specialists Dodds & Shute, outline the services they offer and what it means to be a climate positive business

When was the company founded and who by?
SD: Having previously worked together in the industry we knew we collaborated well, and more importantly both had the goal to not just source responsibly, but to encourage suppliers to shift habits and address the wider issues within the industry so we could leave an overall positive impact. Our backgrounds blend well, with Nick being the creative mind and myself having more of a commercial focus. In 2015 we co-founded the company and we quickly developed into a small team, gained clients and accumulated projects from there.

What services do you offer as a procurement company?
NS: We are pleased to offer an engaged specialist consultancy service tailored to our clients’ furnishing needs. We guide them through various design styles, introducing them to brand new product, offering financial guidance whilst always considering the functional requirements of the job. Our trusted UK based fabricators allow us to offer bespoke creations tailored specifically for the customers space. We value durability, function and beauty in good furniture design.

SD: As well as consultancy and procurement, we have also accumulated an extensive collection of products, available directly from our one-stop-shop. Whilst we specialise in new furniture, we recognise the impact this has on the planet and its finite resource. We can facilitate the renewal of second-hand items, giving used furniture a new home and a new lease of life to keep furniture from landfill and commit to a circular economy.

Why would a client use you rather than sourcing products direct?
NS: We pride ourselves on being dependable which is essential as our clients need to know their project is in good hands. We have dedicated a tremendous amount of work into sourcing the most sustainable products so our clients can use our online store, safe in the knowledge that they are browsing from a selection of the most sustainable products in the industry. Our carefully considered portfolio specialises in responsible manufacturing and natural materials from around the world. From our research and reporting system we provide a thorough assessment of environmental and social credentials of each piece of furniture and lighting fixture, our online store is complete with an environmental scoring system so our clients can understand what is the best furniture to buy. In choosing to work with us, our clients opt for a personalised service with a dedicated team and we pass on competitive industry discounts, making it cheaper than purchasing directly from a supplier.

You are a ‘Climate Positive Business’ what does this mean?
NS: In October 2017 we started taking the steps to start holding ourselves accountable for the impact of our sector. Our solution involved understanding the carbon footprint of our products and offsetting the emissions caused, by protecting threatened forests in the Amazon, to date our efforts have helped protect 51 hectares of forest, the equivalent of 825 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

SD: By addressing emissions for all the products in our portfolio and our initiative to neutralise the carbon emissions associated with our work, we also provide services which give back to the environment more than we take away and that is how we became a Climate Positive Business. There’s still much work to be done from here. We’re dedicated and passionate about creating change in our industry by demonstrating it’s possible to reduce the environmental impact of our work whilst still delivering beautiful design.

Do you work across residential as well as commercial projects?
SD: Yes. We have amassed a varied portfolio of projects covering hotels, restaurants and bars, offices, residential properties and developments. We’re pretty open to taking on new kinds of projects, as long as we feel the venture is right and it would be something we could put our mark on.

What was the most memorable project you have worked on?
NS: The Ministry (image top right) a creative workspace in Borough, complete with cinema, recording studios, event space, bar and café as well as four floors dedicated to open and private offices. In our opinion this project really challenged our preconceptions of what a workspace could be.

SD: The vision of the Ministry of Sound team to create the space was fantastic and it was a pleasure to be a part of the design process with the architecture practice Squire & Partners.
We were brought into the project quite late on and it involved some late nights to finalise the concept. There were a few challenges both with the timeline and budget but we were very happy with the end result.

You are launching a new website – tell me why I should take a look?
NS: The new website is a platform that we believe has the potential to kickstart the evolution of our industry into a more proactive, sustainable and responsible sector. Our focus is on the modern-day requirements of designers looking to make quick and educated, but most of all, sustainable purchasing decisions. We see it as our duty to dedicate our Shop to celebrating the very best of responsible products to our wider community of designers and architects and start a conversation about the greater good behind a product or manufacturer.

SD: Mentalities in our industry (and greater society) need to change quickly to address the harm we are causing to our planet. Everyone involved has a role to play and we want to help people achieve that change by raising standards and buying consciously.

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