Our pick of the latest product launches

By Elspeth Pridham
July 28, 2020

This week we bring you striking outdoor furniture from The Invisible Collection, a clever concept for small space living from Scavolini and mouthwatering crackle glaze tiles from CTD.

Recognising the need for more flexible living spaces, Scavolini has collaborated with Yorgo Lykouria at Rainlight Studio to create BoxLife. The modular concept allows one space to transform from kitchen, to office, to dining room, to sleeping space – all within the same footprint.
Lykouria, says, “BoxLife is designed to accommodate a variety of needs; a timely requirement of today’s modern living spaces which call for limitless adaptability. BoxLife is a system that adapts to many applications, from large lofts to small studio flats. It allows the same space to simultaneously serve as a place to cook, work, sleep, do your laundry, store your wardrobe, and to relax. Furthermore, BoxLife allows all these components to coexist harmoniously with one another.”

The Invisible Collection has launched a new pieces designed by Kelly Behun. The range was conceived in response to what Behun saw as an absence of high-end, bespoke outdoor furniture. The result is bright mosaic tables and bleached mahogany furniture, inspired by the work of Italian designer Carlo Bugattii and Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. Behun has incorporated unusual silhouettes and material combinations plus intricate carving details, which lend the pieces a timeless heirloom quality. Available exclusively at The Invisible Collection.

From CTD’s Dyroy collection, this glazed ceramic aubergine tile measures 200 x 65mm. Featuring a crackle glaze effect the tiles have a rustic finish whilst the natural shade variations of each tile bring added interest to surfaces. Other colours in the range are green, blue and aqua.