Products that caught our eye this week

By Elspeth Pridham
July 21, 2020

Under the Studio spotlight this week, Mutaforma launches floral micro mosaics, Tektura celebrates Japanese simplicity and we introduce lighting brand MATCHIMATCHI

Anthemion micro mosaics are exclusively available in the UK at Fameed Khalique in Chelsea. Anthemion is the first collection created by floral designer Dylan Tripp for Mutaforma, giving life to small botanical worlds. Just as real flowers are made up of many parts, in the same way the Mutaforma micro mosaic is made up of infinitesimal size tiles – the TILLA® glass tessera – which combine to create a whole. Tripp says “I did not imagine that mosaics and flowers had so much in common. The idea of colour and movement, from which I start and draw inspiration to create my floral compositions, are the same stylistic elements that are needed for the design of mosaics. The thought of being able to work with a company that makes a contemporary technique so rich in history and so tied to our millennial craftsmanship immediately loaded me with stimuli and ideas.”

Continuing with decorative treatments for the walls, Tektura wallcoverings has pulled together a number of its designs under the banner Japanese Simplicity. Inspired by origami and the natural symmetry of nature many of the designs feature simple geometric patterns, while others are more decorative using brushed inks and watercolours. Black and white dominate the palette, with the addition of slate grey, blonde maple, indigo blue and lush green.

British lighting designers Scarlett Hampton and Niki Wright have introduced MATCHIMATCHI, customisable and sustainable modular lighting.
There are three options to choose from: The Collection, a series of pre-made pendant lights; The Customisable, which allows you to mix-and-match the various elements; and The Catalogue, a range of products and accessories to support the shades including tassels, gimbals and lamp holders.
There are seven lampshade shapes each made from three to five separate parts. Colours range from teals and deep berry shades to soft pastels or metallics which allow for over 70 different colour combinations. Fabrics include velvet, corduroy and linen