The worst interior design trends of all time

By Elspeth Pridham
July 28, 2020

A new study claims to have unveiled the worst interior design trends of all time. Ranking inflatable furniture and taxidermy as the worst while painted brick is still popular.

Commissioned by Wren Kitchens, the study asked 2000 UK homeowners for their opinion resulting in the following ranking.
1. Inflatable furniture
2. Taxidermy
3. Toilet seat covers
4. Carpeted or textured walls
5. Popcorn ceilings
6. Waterbeds
7. Animal print
8. Beaded curtains
9. Artex walls and ceilings
10. Carpeted bathrooms
11. Mirrored walls
12. Wallpaper boarders
13. Ladders used as shelves
14. Wall vinyl
15. Painted open brick
16. Barn doors

The study also asked which decade was the worst for kitchen design. The results revealed the 1970s as the worst decade with its earthy tones and wooden features. While nostalgia for the 1950s with its pastel colours and black and white floor tiles was voted the best.
1. 1970s – earthy tones, dark cabinets and wooden worktops to create a cosy space.
2. 1980s – coloured cabinets, tiled counter tops and busy wallpaper
3. 1960s – antique cherry cabinets, bright colours with entertainment at the heart of design.
4. 2010s – all white kitchens are back with metallic accents adding a pop of colour.
5. 2000s – excessive use of stainless-steel appliances paired with granite counter tops
6. 1990s – the beginning of minimalism, with all-white furnishing and warm wood accents.
7. 1950s – soft shades, coloured appliances and statement black and white tiles

It seems there are some trends we are willing to repeat, and others we would much rather forget.